Weeknight Dinner Made Easy

Cheesy BBQ Turkey Cups

What you’ll need:

1lb ground turkey

1 bottle store bought original barbecue sauce

1-2 tablespoons light brown sugar

1 small yellow onion

3 store bought packs of crescent rolls (8 count)

1-2 cups shredded cheese (we prefer Colby jack, but you could use cheddar)

2  12-count size Muffin tins


First, brown turkey in a medium saucepan, add pinch of black pepper and garlic salt.

While turkey is browning, preheat oven to 350 and also dice onion finely. Line muffin tins with crescent rolls, making a little cup for the meat. 

Once turkey is brown, add onion to saucepan, after about 5 mins, add 1/2-1 cup of BBQ sauce and brown sugar. Season to taste. Simmer for about 5 mins. 

Turn off stove, and scoop meat mixture into cups in muffin tins. 

Place in oven– bake for 14 mins, after 10 mins, remove from oven and garnish each cup with shredded cheese. Then return to oven for remaining cook time.

Serve at a party for a fun and different finger food or pair with steamed veggies for a simple weeknight dinner.

Love to live, live to love. Happy Holidays. 


Review of The Next Best Thing by Wendi Nunnery

Review of The Next Best Thing (TNBT) written by Wendi Nunnery

The sequel to Mrs. Nunnery’s debut novel is so different than her first and yet leaves the feeling that the reader is still completely at home. It reflects a clear maturity of Emma through a brilliant progression as her simple yet complicated journey continues.

At first, I had trouble getting through the first few chapters. It was not because it wasn’t well written, but because it stirred up that crazy mix of emotions that The Best Kept Secret (TBKS) left me enduring. To be honest, this continuation of Emma’s development from girl to woman is just wonderful. And I’m not sorry to say TNBT is even better than TBKS. The book gave me my share of giggles as I recalled my own experiences as Emma stumbles through typical college girl struggles. Several chapters I read through tear-filled eyes as I metamorphosed alongside Emma.

I’m so pleasantly surprised by just how awesome this book is. The themes included in the novel: stages of grief, girl meets world, love, friendship, communication, forgiveness, and last but definitely most important finding peace are brilliantly shared and developed. If Emma’s story was a Netflix Original, it would totally be binge-worthy. Just don’t forget a box of tissues, a good latte, and an enormous comfy chair.

Review of The Best Kept Secret by Wendi Nunnery

I have been anticipating the release of this new book for several reasons.  #1 The author is from a neighboring city very close to where I was born and raised. #2 She is a former co-worker of mine and even though we only worked together for just a short while I saw then that literary success was in her future. #3 I have been following her blog and Instagram for a while now and her posts are so well written and fun.

So about the book….

The themes present in  The Best Kept Secret by Wendi Nunnery, a piece of young adult fiction, are thought provoking and relevant not just to teens but to adults. Whether we like it or not our adolescent years shape who we will be for the rest of our lives, good or bad. That’s why this book is such a necessary read to parents of teens, teachers of teens, school counselors, and teens themselves. This book is just a taste of what it’s like for teenagers today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Now don’t take my information regarding the book’s relevant themes and believe that this book is only trying to teach a lesson. It is still a fun text. TBKS brings up fun memories from high school including, the feeling when you see your crush, how glorious, fun, and stressful prom was, and how important friendship is–but at the same time independence is just as important.

One thing that really stuck out to me is the open communication Emma had with her mom. What a relationship to cherish! If only more girls could speak so openly with their moms this way and get great feedback. Wow!

I was also intrigued by the way each parent in the book was mentioned and how each parenting style shined through each of the main characters. Parents play a little bit bigger role in TBKS than most ya texts that I read and I think that is why this book will be appealing to a much wider audience.

I don’t want to comment too much on content because I want you to be just as suprised about TBKS as I was and still am.

So my advice to you—just buy it and read it, and you will understand why The Best Kept Secret should be shared with everyone.

You can purchase the book or learn more about the author of TBKS at wendinunnery.com

A weekend without staring at social media

Normally when I get up Saturday morning, I scroll through my feeds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Throughout the weekend I check my feeds about 4 times each day. I’m sure this is more than some people but a lot less than most. However, this weekend, I didn’t check my feeds until late Sunday night. And I came to the conclusion, that nothing happened that I couldn’t live without seeing for a while and most posts I could live without seeing ever. But what did happen this weekend was that my kids asked to use technology less. My husband used his phone less. Overall, we became more engaged IRL. I also noticed that I cared less about the way I looked this past weekend or what my kids were wearing (jammies mostly). Because I wasn’t concerned about grabbing the best picture that exhibits my perfect life. We just lived messily and fully. So, here’s to being IRL more often.